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sound pad 29¢ sf – value pad 19¢ SF


sound pad

K11 Pro Plus Master Black EVA foil

Sound insulation properties
STC(Sound Transmission Class) 78
IIC(Impact Insulation Class) 77
Thickness 3mm
Square footage/roll 100/200sq.ft
Density 3.5 Ibs per cubic feet
Fire resistance UL 94 HFI, F.A.R. 25. 83
Water absorption 0.0015 ibs per cubic feet
Thermal conductivity 0.32btu/hour/sq.in.


The purpose of this acoustical expertise is to evaluate the FSTC and FIIC rating of a floor assembly with K11-NST 100 PRO PLUS MASTER membrane on one a concrete slab of 8’’.

Hardwood Flooring
Concrete slab 8’’
Indefinite ceiling

silent blue 29¢ sq. ft.


value pad 19¢ sq. ft.


eco ultimate silencer

Eco Ultimate Silencer
Acoustical Underlayment with Moisture Barrier
Made with recycled granulated rubber tires and high density frothed polyurethane foam using rapidly renewable resources (soybean polyols and vegetable oils)
  • Reduces floor noise by providing excellent sound absorption
  • Exceeds Air Quality and Flammability standards
  • 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Contains anti microbial treatment
  • Quick and easy installation (no additional seaming tape needed)
  • Eliminates minor subfloor imperfections
  • Adds thermal value and suitable for use with radiant heat flooring
  • Crushpruf™ technology that resists indentations
    • Dry, completely cured concrete (at least 14 days old with HVAC operating
    • 3/4" interior plywood, OSB flooring, gypcrete (must be primed before glue down)
    • Waterproofing and crack-isolation membranes
    • Cement backer units
    • Existing vinyl, wood, and laminate floor
Available in 3' x 33.34' (100 sq. ft.) rolls and 6' x 75' (450 sq. ft.) contractor size rolls


Impact Insulation Class (IIC) This method is to measure the impact sound transmission performance of a floor-ceiling assembly (sound transmission through the floor)
73Laminate/Engineered8" concrete with ceiling assembly
70Laminate/Engineered6" concrete with ceiling assembly
58Hardwood6" concrete with ceiling assembly
52Laminate/Engineered6" concrete with NO ceiling assembly
Sound Transmission Class (STC) This method is to measure the air-borne sound insolating property of a partition element for effectiveness in blocking sound
73Laminate/Engineered6" concrete with ceiling assembly
77Laminate/Engineered8" concrete with ceiling assembly
53Hardwood6" concrete with ceiling assembly
51Laminate/Engineered6" concrete with NO ceiling assembly
Delta IIC The db rating difference between a floor measured with an underlayment and with no underlayment
ΔIIC — 22 — (up to a 78% db sound reduction)

1/4 inch sound cork

  • Sheets – Each Sheet is 2’x3′ (6 sq. ft. total)
  • Come in Cases of 300 sq. ft
  • 50 Sheets Per Case

Cork underlay is a cost effective solution for reducing airborne and impact noise problems. Due to the unique 40 million cells per cubic centimetre honeycomb structure of cork and the special nature of the resin binder, it performs outstandingly under floating and laminated floors, wooden floors, ceramic tiles, natural stone, linoleum and vinyl floors. During the cork agglomeration process an antibacterial additive (Microban®) is added to deliver continuous antibacterial and antifungal protection and contribute significantly to the acoustic performance of floors improving environmental comfort.

Acoustical Testing Provided By National Gypsum, Co, Buffalo, NY
6mm Cork on 6” Concrete Slab
IIC 50
STC 50
With 6mm underlayment . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Delta (Test ASTM E 2179 – 03) 21.0
Adding a suspended ceiling unit will increase the ratings significantly,

steico (pompano approved)

  • Dimensions: 3' x 2', 15 pcs per pack ( 90 sf )
  • Good airborne and impact sound insulation (ASTM E 90, E 492, E 2179: IIC 50, STC 55, Delta IIC 25 for 1\8'' on a 6" concrete slab without a ceiling)
  • 100% green product. No emissions, 0% VOC, no formaldehyde
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • High compressive strength up to 28.45 pci ! Protects the click-lock system
  • Highly stable wood fiber construction provides excellent durability
  • Water vapour open
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Able to compensate small floor unevenness
  • Ideal for use with underfloor heating systems
  • Ecologically and environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable

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